Your Kitchen

with wall writing
The kitchen is an important part of Mediterranean life so make sure your décor reflects this. The look for kitchen floors is natural. Cover them with neutral or earth-toned Italian ceramic tiles, terra cotta tiles, bare wood or stone. Granite and marble look great on countertops. If you can’t afford these materials, there are plenty of lower cost options that will give you the same look and feel. Use tiles to cover various parts of kitchen walls including backsplashes and behind the stove. Select decorative tiles for this purpose. You’ll find plenty with fruits, vegetables and flowers.

The Mediterranean climate is perfect for growing so be sure your kitchen décor reflects this. Grow fresh herbs inside a window box. Display gourmet oils and vinegars on shelves. Fill your corners with brightly colored pottery overflowing with beautiful flowers. Choose wallpaper borders of plump clusters of deep purple grapes. Hang strands of garlic and peppers. Cover your kitchen walls with prints that depict life along the Mediterranean: beach scenes, garden scenes, bistros, wine, pastas, open air markets, religious symbols, ancient artifacts and whatever else you can find. Have fun searching!

-Custom wall lettering is easiest way to make a unique statement in your mediterranean styled-home
-The thin letters have the look and feel of paint, but they’re not
- Fast and simple way to add quotes on the wall, and other smooth surfaces around your home.
-Select a phrase from our extensive collection, or you are free to create your own message.
-Choosing from 40 different color options makes it easy to match your message to your room’s décor.
-Choose one from dozens of type styles we offer.
-Lettering height range from 1-12 inches



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